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Behringer CX3400 Crossover

Behringer CX3400 Crossover
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Prezzo: 135,00€
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Codice: CX 3400
Marca: Behringer
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Behringer CX3400 Crossover

Precision active-frequency crossover for 2- or 3-way stereo or 4-way mono operation.

The Behringer CX3400 Super-X Pro Crossover is a perfect solution for FOH or monitoring systems of any caliber - live or in the studio.

* 24dB/octave state-variable Linkwitz-Riley filters for precise frequency separation.
* Totally flat summed amplitude response with zero phase difference.
* Independent IGC limiter per output and adjustable time delay for phase alignment between drivers with phase reverse switch.
* Switchable 25Hz subsonic filter
* Switchable EQ; Low Sum function
* Servo-balanced
* Gold-plated XLR connectors (2 in, 6 out).

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