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LD Systems WS1000MW Wind & Percussion Microphone

LD Systems WS1000MW Wind & Percussion Microphone
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Codice: WS 1000 MW
Marca: LD Systems
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LD Systems WS 1000 MW

Microfono per strumenti a fiato e percussioni a clip

Microphone for Wind and Percussion Instrument clip

Linear frequency response, natural sound reproduction, lightweight, easy and stable positioning thanks to the gooseneck, very good impact sound isolation thanks to elastic capsule fastening, strong clamp providing good fastening without causing any damage to the instrument thanks to the soft rubber inner surface of the clips.

Phantom Power Adapter LDPHA also available separately.

Adapts perfectly to all the radio systems of the series: ECO, WS1616, WSECO16,WS1000 and WIN42


Linear Frequency response, cardioid pattern rejects crosstalk from other instruments, natural and open tone, solid and very light construction, High SPL –handling for loud Brassinstruments, microphone arm easy to bend, good ground noise isolation thru thick/elastic shock-mounting, clip-on mounting is rubbercoated to prevent sensitive laquer on Brass instruments to scratch. Works well with good positioning possibilities inside Acoustic Guitars (Clip-On attachment to the braces).

Usable applications: Brass-, Woodwind-, Acoustic-, Percussioninstruments

* Capsule type Electret-Condenser
* Polar Pattern Cardioid
* Frequency response 50 – 18 000 Hz
* Max. SPL 133dB
* Sensitivity -45dB +/- 3dB
* Impedance 250 Ohm +/- 30% @1kHz
* Connector Mini-XLR 3-pin for LDWS1000
* Arm length 70mm
* Cable length 1,5 meter
* Finishing Matt Black
* Weight 56g
* Accessories included Wind-protection,
* +48v Phantom LD PHA power supply optional

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LD Systems WS1000MW Wind & Percussion Microphone
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LD Systems WS1000MW Wind & Percussion Microphone
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