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Jackson Ampworks Britain 4.0 Head

Jackson Ampworks Britain 4.0 Head
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Jackson Ampworks Britain 4.0 Head
"The best amp I have ever played. Great tone and great versatility." - Robbie McIntosh (John Mayer Band)
Small Size. Huge Tone. Tremendous Value.
Jackson Ampworks, the creator of “The Britain” amplifier, has just released The Britain 4.0. With careful consideration of the feedback from users of the original Britain and the Britain 2.0, Jackson Ampworks has totally redesigned the amp to become the most pristine, versatile, and compact boutique amp on the market today. The new Britain 4.0 is 18 pounds lighter than its original predecessor, 8” more narrow and 3 times more powerful!  In addition to these changes we added a second channel to the amplifier, a unique footswitch-able boost circuit for the Britain’s now legendary EF86 channel, series effects loops for each channel, and selectable 15/25/30W Class A or 50W Class A/B operation that features 2 different sets of output tubes for unmatched versatility!
Given the combination of features, performance and price, we think you’ll agree that not only does the Britain 4.0 offer Small Size and Huge Tone, it also offers a Tremendous Value as well!
Two Channels. Infinite Tones.
The Britain 4.0 features two totally separate channels, each with its own set of dedicated tone controls. While this in itself might not appear to be groundbreaking, the magic lies in the Britain’s ability to blend those two channels together to create an infinite number of tonal options!
Channel 1 is the exact same EF86 based preamp that was featured in the original Britain but has been updated with our own footswitch-able boost circuit that true bypasses the Treble and Bass controls resulting in a substantial boost in volume, gain and tonal purity. Channel 1, being the higher gain of the two, is considered the dirty channel of the amp and offers a very broad frequency response that works to deliver your instruments true voice with minimal coloring or artifacts.
Channel 2 of the Britain 4.0 is a 12AX7 based preamp that balances perfectly against Channel 1 by providing pristine clean tones incredible headroom and articulation. This channel, which was designed to remain clean longer than Channel 1, embodies the very definition of clean British guitar tone but is enhanced with increased richness and depth.
Channels 1 and 2 are internally linked so that the use of the input labeled “1/2” sends the guitars signal to both channels equally. In this arrangement, each channel is active along with its associated tone controls and blending of the two channels is a simple as adjusting the Volume control for each channel. The true advantage of this type of arrangement lies in the ability to blend Channels 1 and 2 together while still allowing tonal shaping of each channel via their respective Treble and Bass controls.
Plugging into the input labeled “2” breaks the internal connection to Channels 1 and 2 thereby allowing them to function independently. This feature allows the musician to use a completely different signal chain (floor based effects etc.) for each channel if desired, and is fully expanded by the use of an ABY box to select channels 1, 2 or both.
With all of these tonal options available, the Britain 4.0 truly delivers Two Channels, Infinite Tones.
So Versatile It's Like Having Four Amps In One
The Britain 4.0 is the only amp anywhere that offers switch-able power output of either 50W Class A/B using EL34’s, 25W Class A using EL34’s or 15/30W Class A using EL84’s. This adjustable power feature allows the player to tailor the amps response and tone to any given musical setting.
In high volume situations, select the 50W mode for maximum volume and clean headroom. When less volume is desired, select the 25W or 15/30W mode and enjoy the early breakup and harmonic richness that only comes from low power Class A operation. The inclusion of the 15/30W Class A power modes using EL84’s extends the tonal range of the Britain 4.0 by lowering the amount of headroom even further and allows for overdriven tones at a lower volume along with the characteristic chime and sparkle that is inherent in EL84’s.
When in 25W and 15/30W Class A modes, the Britain 4.0 is cathode biased and features a proprietary circuit that exactly reproduces the natural compression and sustain of a 5U4G tube rectifier. These features give the Class A modes their own unique voice and a softer, more spongy attack.
In 50W Class A/B EL34 mode, the Britain 4.0 switches to high voltage operation and is fixed biased. The combination of high voltage and fixed bias allows the Britain 4.0 to have a very quick and aggressive attack with increased headroom and volume.
Each of the 4 power modes have been developed to add versatility and character to the tone while giving the player the ability to carry one small amp that will work in any musical setting.?Given its power and performance, the Britain 4.0 really is like having four amps in one!
Seamless FX Integration
To make the Britain 4.0 even more flexible, we have incorporated a series FX loop for each channel. Much the same way using two inputs gives maximum flexibility, having a dedicated FX loop for each channel allows the player an unprecedented amount of control. As an example, with this configuration, the musician could insert a reverb or delay unit in the Channel 2 FX loop to expand his clean tones while at the same time leave Channel 1 dry to optimize his/her overdriven sound for greater punch and clarity. The same goes for each channel. With this setup you can add effects to either channel, both channels or neither channel. You have complete control
Bulletproof Construction
Since Jackson Ampworks began in 2003, we have established ourselves as a premier manufacturer of the highest quality amplifiers available and we are proud to say that with the launch of the Britain 4.0, the quality of construction methods used in our amplifiers have only improved. Quality to us is more than just a bragging right, it is a critical component in every amp that we build. This commitment to quality is such a cornerstone of our business that each amplifier that we build undergoes a 3 day torture test to make sure that by the time it gets to the player, we have done everything we can do to make it fail.
  • Output Power with 2x EL84: 15W Class A Cathode Bias Low Voltage
  • Output Power with 4x EL84: 30W Class A Cathode Bias Low Voltage
  • Output Power with 2x EL34: 25W Class A Cathode Bias Low Voltage
  • Output Power with 2x EL34: 50W Class A/B Fixed Bias High Voltage
  • Tubes Preamp Channel 1: 1x EF86
  • Tubes Preamp Channel 2: 1x 12AX7
  • Tubes Phase Inverter: 1x 12AX7
  • Tubes Output: 2x EL34 / 4x EL84
  • Rectifier: Solid State, 5U4G Simulated in 15/30W and 25W Mode
  • FX Loop Wiring Channel 1: Stereo Plug, Tip Send/Ring Return
  • FX Loop Wiring Channel 2: Stereo Plug, Tip Send/Ring Return
  • Weight: 14 Kgs Boxed
  • Size: 35.56 cm Wide x 23.50 cm Tall x 21.60 cm Deep

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Jackson Ampworks Britain 4.0 Head
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Jackson Ampworks Britain 4.0 Head
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