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Epifani UL2 310

Epifani UL2 310
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Codice: UL2 310
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Epifani UL2 310

The Range Award-winning UL cabinets were the first and are the most highly evolved line of performance bass cabinets on available today. They redefine lightweight design by combining power, precision and transparency to the highest standard.
The Technology UL cabinets start with lightweight, yet strong Lite Ply Poplar plywood. Each cabinet is reinforced using our proprietary UL internal bracing system. We then add the latest generation Epifani-designed neodymium drivers, which deliver more low-end, more power handling and faster response than any other driver in their class. From the polypropylene capacitors and 18 gauge inductors in the crossovers, to the specific tuning of each component, UL cabinets mix high-science and high-art to create a benchmark in bass cabinetry that are an essential component for the most acclaimed bassists of our time.
The Sound The 3x10 cabinet configuration was invented by Nick Epifani. It is yet another Epifani innovation that's quickly becoming an industry standard. It was created in response to a request from legendary bassist Lincoln Goines who wanted to be sure he could compete on tour with drum-deity Dennis Chambers, yet not have to haul a large cabinet. The 310 combines the quickness, size and weight of a 210 with the impact, depth, power of a 410. Easily carried in one hand, the UL2 310 is a favorite among demanding musicians not only for its size and weight, but for how it makes your bass sound its best.


* 3 x 10" 250W Epifani Aluminum-frame Neo Drivers
* 100 Watt Bullet Tweeter
* Adjustable Tweeter Level Control
* Impedance 5.3 Ohms
* 750 WRMS
* 1800 Watt Peak
* Response 40Hz - 16kHz
* Sensitivity 103dB (1W@1m)
* 2 x Speakon + 1/4" Output Connectors
* Lite Ply Poplar Plywood
* Dado Joint Construction
* Road-Ready Carpet Covering
* High-Impact Locking Corners
* Steel Recessed Handles
* 18 Gauge Steel Grill
* DIMENSIONS 23"h x 21.5"w x 16.5"d
* 53.5 lbs

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Epifani UL2 310
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Epifani UL2 310
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