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Joyo JMP-01 Portable Power Supply

Joyo JMP-01 Portable Power Supply
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Prezzo: 79,00€
Disponibilità: in magazzino
Codice: JMP 01
Marca: Joyo
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Joyo JMP-01 Portable Power Supply

 Alimentatore portatile


- Power nearly as clean as a standard battery; perfect representation of your original sound.
- Regulated output power design; voltage remains stable during use.
- Rechargeable battery (6600mAh) can be re-charged over 1000 times; 2000mA output capacity facilitates the application of multiple devices.
- LED indicators show in three levels how much power is left.
- Power on/off switch--no need to unplug cables.
- Operation is easy and safe, thanks to functions like short circuit protection and overheat protection

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