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John Pearse Contour Slide

John Pearse Contour Slide
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John Pearse Bronze Contour Slide

Guitar Slide sagomato in Bronzo

A bar with a flare! No, it's not a typo. Our new bell bronze guitar slide now has FLARE and FLAIR! If you look carefully at the hole we bore through the bar you will see that it gradually flares wider at one end, making it really comfortable for pickers with hefty pinkies. For Delta devotees with more diminutive digits, just wear the bar from the other end. Now, incomparable comfort as well as the sweetest, truest slide blues you've ever played!

Bell Bronze, from which this slide is made, is the hardest and most resonant form of bronze. Long respected because of its beauty and the sweetness of its resonance, it has been used through the centuries for making gongs, cymbals, and horns in addition to the bells with which it is most often associated.

John Pearse® Bronze Contour Slide for Bottleneck Guitar

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