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John Pearse ACP Acoustic Pickup

John Pearse ACP Acoustic Pickup
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John Pearse Acoustic Pickup

Trasduttore per strumenti acustici

Our new full-spectrum transducer system is designed to accurately reproduce the sound of an acoustic stringed instrument while not changing it's acoustic nature! This John Pearse® Acoustic Pickup is appropriate for any instrument with a vibrating soundboard. The Acoustic Pickup is also equiped with an onboard Volume Control, so that you can set levels directly at the guitar and not "wait" until you get to the amplifier.

The John Pearse® Acoustic Pickup needs no transducer and no batteries!

The John Pearse® Acoustic Pickup may be mounted permanently inside an instrument, on the underside of the soundboard, using the peel-off adhesive backing already on the Pickup--or temporarily mounted on the topside and removed after each use, using the special non-marring adhesive included.

Since the placement of the John Pearse® Acoustic Pickup determines the sound of the instrument, it is advisable to experiment with various locations in order to determine your instrument's "sweet-spot". This is particularly important should you wish to permanently mount the Pickup inside the instrument.

You can connect your John Pearse® Acoustic Pickup into your tuner when tuning in loud places too!

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