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ZVex Seek Wah Hand Painted Tremolo / Wah / Envelope - USED

ZVex Seek Wah Hand Painted Tremolo / Wah / Envelope - USED
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ZVex Seek Wah Hand Painted Tremolo / Wah / Envelope

Condizioni Eccellenti

Basically, the seek-wah is sort of a combination of a tremolo and a wah wah pedal. If you're familiar with seventies synths, it's exactly like an analog sequencer controlling a mellow bandpass filter. You have a choice between 4, 6, or 8 steps for your wah. The 6 step positions works well with 6/8 or 3/4 time songs. The seek-wah steps through from one wah setting to another and starts over after it gets to the end of the sequence. There's a total of 9 knobs, the leftmost being a speed control, and the other being wah settings, which get brighter when you turn them to the left. You can set up patterns which accentuate notes in arpeggiated chords at particular spots... it can be really pretty if you play in time with the tempo and play repeating patterns, with the same or changing chords. Rather hypnotic.
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