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Ron Ellis Tele Standard Plus Neck

Ron Ellis Tele Standard Plus Neck
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Ron Ellis Standard Plus Telecaster Neck Pickup

The Standard Plus is our most vintage-like Tele neck sound. It has beautiful warmth, clarity, depth and an overall great feel. Just a note, early Tele neck pickups can have a bad reputation for being too dark and muddy sounding. This is mostly due to the way that Fender wired them with the capacitor and resistor lending it to a B3 like sound. Removing these components opens it up to a beautiful neck pickup sound.

The Ron Ellis Standard Plus Tele is the choice of David Grissom, John Fogerty, Jedd Hughes, Kirk Fletcher to name a few.

Ron makes some of the most revered hand-wound, vintage-correct pickups on the market used by many of the greatest and discerning players on the planet.

440hz Music Store is Ron Ellis Pickups Authorized European Dealer

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