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Ron Ellis Tele Standard Plus JL Julian Lage Neck

Ron Ellis Tele Standard Plus JL Julian Lage Neck
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Ron Ellis Standard Plus JL Julian Lage Telecaster Neck Pickup

The Standard Plus JL is a lower wound version made for Julian Lage, which replicates the neck pickup in his original 1954 Tele. He is currently using the JL pickup in two of his Tele’s. The JL is a bit more scooped in the mids and has pronounced high and low frequencies. It works great from Blues to Jazz.

In addition to Julian Lage, the Standard Plus JL Tele is used also by Dan Steinhardt.

Ron makes some of the most revered hand-wound, vintage-correct pickups on the market used by many of the greatest and discerning players on the planet.

440hz Music Store is Ron Ellis Pickups Authorized European Dealer

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