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Lollar String-Through Steel Supro/Oahu/Valco Guitar Pickup - 4-Cond.

Lollar String-Through Steel Supro/Oahu/Valco Guitar Pickup - 4-Cond.
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Lollar String-Through Steel Supro/Oahu/Valco Guitar Pickup - 4-Cond.

The String-through Steel is based on the Supro®/Oahu/Valco "string-through" pickup used on the "Coodercaster." This humbucking pickup sounds like a single-coil, with a clear, clean tone, despite its unusually high output. The steel plate cover spreads the magnetic field to surround the strings. This increases the pickup's sensitivity while reducing magnetic pull on the strings, resulting in increased sustain.

Constructed with Alnico 5 magnets, a split-coil for hum cancelling, adjustable poles and a chrome-plated top that looks as good as the pickup sounds. Our pickup is not built as part of the bridge and tailpiece which allows you to mount it on many different guitar models.


  • Some original Supro instruments used a pickup with a larger, oval baseplate with a built-in bridge. This cannot be used with our pickup.
  • When installing the pickup, you ultimately want the strings centered between the top and bottom of the opening where they pass through the pickup. If your fingerboard is curved, you will need to “average” out the centering as best you can. If you find the strings are above the center of the opening, you may need to add an additional shim to raise the pickup. A 1/8” shim is provided with your pickup. Additional shims can be purchased or by adding them to your order and you can stack them to raise the pickup further. If you need to lower the pickup to achieve proper string height, you will need to inset the pickup into your guitar. This may entail routing and you should consider having the installation done by a qualified luthier.
  • Pole spacing is 2.175" measured on-center between the two outside poles. Accommodation for narrower spacing can be achieved by angling the pickup.
  • Pole pieces can be adjusted using a 1/16" hex wrench.

Avg. DC: 6.4K

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