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Tc Electronic G-System pedaliera multieffetto - USED

Tc Electronic G-System pedaliera multieffetto - USED
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Prezzo: 499,00€
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Codice: TCEGS2H
Marca: TC Electronic
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Tc Electronic G-System

Ottime condizioni, completo in scatola

TC's best-of-the-best effects right at your feet
Up to 9 effects simultaneously
Fast and smooth preset changes featuring delay spill-overs
4 switchable mono-loops for your favorite effect pedals
1 additional loop/insert point dedicated for preamps
4 x 9V DC outlets powering your effect pedals
USB connection for software updates
Ultimate flexibility as the board can be separated allowing you to place the GFX01 with loops etc. in a 19" rack while leaving the control board on the floor
MIDI for control of additional external MIDI units
Connections for 2 Expression pedals
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