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Marshall Class 5 combo valvolare 5W - USED

Marshall Class 5 combo valvolare 5W - USED
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Codice: MC52H
Marca: Marshall
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Marshall Class 5 Combo 5W

Ottime condizioni, con manuale

Created in the legendary Bluesbreaker style, the Marshall Class 5 gets back to basics with a top-loaded panel of Volume, Treble, Middle, and Bass controls. This simple feature set is the Marshall Class 5 tube amp's secret weapon. What you get in return is authentic Class A tone, rich in smooth harmonic distortion. 
Inside the Marshall Class 5 amp is a 10" G10F15 speaker designed in conjunction with Celestion. Turn the volume up to hear that classic Marshall tube amp break-up tone. Increase the EQ and volume for harder rhythms and soloing. Crank all the dials to 10 for screaming British tone.
The rear panel consists of a selection switch for the headphone jack, which when activated bypasses the internal speaker. On the rear is an extension speaker 16-Ohm out, so you can run your Marshall Class 5 tube amp into a 4 x 12" cabinet. 

Built in the UK
Pre-amp tubes: two ECC83
Power amp tube: one EL84
10" 16-Ohm Celestion G10F-15
Volume control
3-band EQ featuring treble, mid, and bass
Headphone output
Headphone selector with bypass
16-Ohm extension cab output

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Marshall Class 5 combo valvolare 5W - USED
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