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Rivera Clubster 25 110 25W Combo - USED

Rivera Clubster 25 110 25W Combo - USED
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Codice: RC252H
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Rivera Clubster 25 110

Perfette condizioni, Con Footswitch

Built small and smart, the Rivera Clubster belts out a rich, all-tube tone that's anything but compact. With 25-watts and a 10"speaker, the Clubster offers two independent, switchable channels, genuine Accutronics 3-spring reverb, a specially voiced speaker, and high-end features such as an effects loop and line output.


Channel 1: Volume, bass (pull switch for boost), middle, treble, master
Channel 2: Volume (pull switch for channel selection), treble (pull switch for bright), bass
Common front-panel inputs and controls: 1/4" High Gain input, 1/4" footswitch input, reverb control, presence control, power on/off switch
Rear-panel inputs and outputs: 1/4" effects loop send, 1/4" effects loop return, 1/4" line output, 1/4" external speaker output
Preamp tubes: Two 12AX7A
Output tubes: Two 6V6GT
Output power: 25 watts RMS into 8 ohms
Speaker: 10" Rivera Vintage Gold
Footswitch functions: Channel switching, reverb on/off (footswitch is included)
Reverb: Accutronics 3-spring reverb



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