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Marshall JTM45 2245 Head - USED

Marshall JTM45 2245 Head - USED
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Marshall JTM45 2245

Perfette condizioni, mint conditions

The Marshall JTM45 tube amplifier head is widely considered to be the definitive '60s Marshall. With 30 watts of power channeled from an all-tube signal path, you'll command the legendary guitar tones of '60s rock legends. The JTM45's sonic sweetness comes courtesy of a GZ34 tube rectifier, which imparts the natural sustain and compression the JTM45 is famed for. Simply put: you'll love how it sounds - and feels - to play through the Marshall JTM45 tube amplifier head.

Accurate reissue of the legendary JTM45 amplifier, a '60s rock legend
30 watts of power, perfect for gigging and recording
GZ34 tube rectifier adds natural, smooth compression and sustain to your tone
Sounds great with gain boost pedal in front of it
Straightforward control set is all you need to craft a range of vintage '60s guitar tones

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