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Keeley Boss TR-2 Tremolo Mod

Keeley Boss TR-2 Tremolo Mod
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Codice: KTR2
Marca: Keeley Pedals
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Keeley Boss TR-2 Tremolo Mod

Boss makes a great Tremolo pedal, the TR-2. We have more than solved the volume drop "problem," we've upgraded the audio circuitry and improved the response. We also have reduced unwanted distortions and noise. Now the pedal can even be used as a clean boost!

The Keeley Electronics TR-2 modification gives you a blend between the stock look and the boutique look. Using Boss parts we have redesigned the depth control area to have a volume control as well! Now you have final control in the output level! This means you can stomp on the pedal for a nice volume boost during solos and drive your amp into a really cool, retro sound, or set it for an even volume level.

By using a dual concentric potentiometer, the appearance is kept clean while making the pedal a useful tool for guitar players, keyboard players, etc. The Keys Man for the Goo Goo Dolls has already sent his in!

We improve the bass response of the pedal. We upgrade the entire audio path for higher fidelity, which leads to more of your natural guitar tone getting through. You will now have more transparency and more highs.

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