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Lovepedal Amp Eleven White Overdrive / Boost - USED

Lovepedal Amp Eleven White Overdrive / Boost - USED
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Prezzo: 169,00€
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Codice: LPA112H
Marca: Lovepedal Effects
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Lovepedal Amp Eleven White Overdrive / Boost

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Amp Eleven fat, organic tone of an overdriven tube amp – with separate controls for bass and tone. Additional boost circuit. Kick the boost footswitch and you can instantly pivot from gritty rhythm riffs to screaming leads…or anything in between.


  • Smooth, round, balanced, low-to-medium gain overdrive
  • Slight overdrive to mild distortion
  • Great dynamic response and open sound
  • Independent Switching Between Boost Channel And Overdrive Channel
  • Connectors: Input, Output, DC adapter
  • Power Supply: 9V battery operation or 9V – 18VDC adapter
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